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Music Production

Every record, no matter how complex or simple, starts with a small idea. If you have an idea, and dream to make a record or even need a special song theme for your podcast but don't have the means to do it, don't worry. I can help! I can take your ideas, communicate with you, collaborate with you, and provide some of my own ideas to bring your initial ideas into a fully produced song. I can work with any demos you may have, voice memos, or single ideas.

Performing Artist

As a jazz musician and guitarist, I really enjoy performing live, collaborating, or doing a concert. Live performance is so important to my artistic growth. Immediate feedback while sharing original with others completes the circle between performer and listener. I am always inspired by music’s ability to transcend language and help us to see how familiar we all are. So to share the beauty I’ve found in life with others is my goal as a performer.


I will help you create a high-quality mix consisting of proper attention to level, placement, and treatment of each element in the recorded song, Tonal Balance, clarity to hear each element in the music, and close attention to dynamics achieved during this process. The goal is to produce a well-blended, sonically pleasing, warm, and accessible final mix. Meanwhile, the mastering process is a final touch. It's transforming the awesome mixed song into a radio-ready professional Wav File.

Sound Healing

Living in Bali really inspires me from a spiritual point of view and working with many kirtan musicians and mantra artists have opened my eyes to the beauty and song that is always within everyone in any form and language. Music is a universal language that connects us all. That connection is medicine. My musical medicine aims to help reconnect to your heart and your body.

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